I’m an artist with many tools. 


My life-long passion takes me across the country and around the world capturing what I love: weddings, portraits, events and travel. 


Over 20 years ago, I began working in the television and video production industry, and my first love, photography, proceeded that.
As a photographer and television producer, I work with large corporations and nonprofit  organizations to create beautiful images
and/or various programming for television and radio, music videos, and since 1999, I have hosted a world-wide weekly television
broadcast. I also provide graphic design services.


As a teen, my dream job was to travel the world, video/photograph it, and put it to music, and that’s exactly what I do…while meeting
wonderful people along the way! 


Things I love…

  • My family
  • International travel & shoes
  • Being a photographer
  • Being English (born & raised)
  • Switzerland, France, Italy…just to name a few!
  • Television & video production
  • Meeting new people
  • Swiss chocolate
  • International travel & shoes
  • Music 
  • Snow skiing
  • Mini Coopers
  • Christmas
  • Swiss watches
  • International travel & shoes
  • Princess Diana…and all things “royal”
  • San Francisco State University
  • Looking at maps…and planning
  • Wait for it…International travel & shoes!


I live in the Sacramento, California Area with my husband and two little boys. We are currently
taking a break from temperamental pet fish and considering water snails which may ensure less “tank drama.”

Visit my Pinterest page to see mood boards which reflect my personal style and taste.