In January, I joined Life and Health as their on-camera host. Life and Health is a broadcasting & media production company located in Auburn, California. We recorded six scripts on our first morning in the studio. Each episode will average five minutes and be viewable on their website (soon) and other media outlets.  

“Life and Health Network was created by a group of doctors and dentists who all share an earnest desire to do more than the norm. True health shouldn’t be merely about diagnosing symptoms and prescribing medication—it is far more valuable than that.

True health is about overall wellness, treated in a sustainable manner that omits the need to visit the doctor altogether. How? Simple—good nutrition, regular fitness, and a positive state of mind. In this age of poor health and infinite opinions on how to “fix” it, the goal of Life and Health Network is to seek the plain truth and to share it with you.” – Life and Health Facebook

The Life and Health team are not only healthy, but a lot of fun to work with.