I LOVE Christmas! I LOVE Christmas music! I LOVE English Christmas cake! So for the past nine years, July signals the time when I throw myself into the holiday season, since it takes several months of preparation to produce a massive annual Christmas concert which is recorded for world-wide broadcast.

This annual musical event has grown from its first year which resembled a holiday talent show to a respected, and highly sort-after classic Christmas concert. In 2012, 1,600 people tried to find seats in the 1,200 seat church, so it was evident that we have now grown to where we need to provide two show times. 2013 was the year we made the transition to two concerts at 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm concert and within a few days, all the tickets were gone.

Orchestra and choir members come from all over Northern California and talent is selected from all over the country, and we have had guests from other countries, too. I select all the music and produce the concert, while my good friend and concert pianist, Handerson Pontel, conducts the choir and orchestra. Each year is a labor of love by so many dedicated people who work hard to make this special event a success. Our community has come to love and anticipate Christmas concerts at Sacramento Central Church.

For the past four years, the concert has been recorded for broadcast and airs over the Christmas holiday, on various Christian satellite networks, cable networks, local channels, along with live streaming. DVDs are available HERE and to see some of the music, you can watch right HERE on YouTube.