For 10 years and four months, I worked at Maranatha Volunteers International, a wonderful, non-profit, humanitarian organization based in Roseville, California. I was in my element producing Maranatha Mission Stories, a weekly Television show featuring volunteers making a difference in various developing countries through construction. My job took me around the world videoing/photographing and collecting stories which myself and my team would turn into segments for the program. In 2010, after the birth of my second child, I decided to stay home and raise my babies, while continuing to grow my photography/television & video production business (my side business since 1998). Needless to say, any opportunity I get to contract with Maranatha Volunteers International, is always special for me. Recently, I joined the Maranatha team in Portland, Oregon for a weekend missions-awarness convention and found myself operating one of my loves, Jimmy Jib. For this live Television broadcast, we had two jibs! The Jimmy Jib is a boom camera that can be extended up to 30 feet+. For the sake of not killing anyone in limited space, this jib was a mere 18 feet of pure girl power. 🙂 I’ve been operating a jib for the past 18 years. Back in the day, I had a great teacher who I owe a big, “Thank you!” for creating obstacle courses for me to practice on. A jib has a joy stick on the left hand which controls pan and tilt, and the focus and zoom is located on the right hand. The magic happens when you’re doing a combination of four things at once – booming (moving the camera on the long “arm”), while zooming, panning and tilting…oh, and, also, while being acutely aware of one’s surroundings so you don’t take of any audience member’s heads or crash into the ceiling. It may look intimidating, but it’s really just another piece of equipment that, once you’re comfortable with, is a lot of fun to operate. I enjoy teaching people this skill, so if you’re interested, let me know!


The auditorium stage with one of the stationary cameras. We had five cameras for this particular shoot.


Friday morning video and audio production team meeting


My jib


I used to have lots of color in my closet, until that memorable day in June 1993, when my wardrobe suddenly turned dark, but, I was, oh, so, happy…I fell in love with Television production. 🙂