I’m so excited because it’s been too long since I went home to England to visit family and just enjoy Springtime in the Yorkshire Moors, Cotswolds, and my old stomping ground, London. My parents said they needed to go back, and that’s all it took! I started planning the trip and soon we were on our way.

Two weeks wasn’t long enough, but it was definitely better than nothing. While I was in York (where my dad comes from), I hired a local photographer, Jim Poyner, to take some updated head shots for my website. I’m going to write a blog all about what it’s like for a professional photographer to work with another pro and reverse roles and become the “client” for an hour. Lets just say, it was a great experience and I think more photographers should refresh their memories on what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera.

I will post more of my England images very soon.